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The ConsortiumLinateFlyCarService was established in2010 by theunionof someservice companies andmanyindividual companies.

Incontinuous and steady growth, we are at today, the firstrental servicewith driverpresentin Milan.

Theproperty has over60/2betweenluxurysedans, station wagons,minivans and minibuses, able to satisfy any need forindividual and collectivetransport.

You will find ourmodernDESKinside theairportarrival areaof MilanLinateexit 6.

Flexibility, qualityand reliability are thekey requirementsthat the Consortiummakes available tousers.

Consorzio Linate Fly Car Service
Aeroporto Linate Forlanini - Segrate - Tel./Fax - email: